Automated Retail: A Review of the Top 10 Retail Management Software


The retail industry currently employs 25 percent of the country’s workforce.

Retail work is challenging on its own, but it’s made even more challenging when retailers do not provide their employees with the right software to do their jobs properly.

If you currently run any kind of retail store, it’s essential that you invest in a great retail management system.

The right system will help your business to run more smoothly, and it can even help to boost profits!

Read on to learn more about the top ten retail management software programs you ought to be using for your store.

1. Foko Retail

Foko Retail is an all-in-one management software that is essential for any retailer that wants to place an emphasis on merchandising compliance.

Foko Retail allows retailers to communicate between different store employees and field teams in real-time. It also gives you full access to store-level merchandising and operational issues and provides you with detailed information about each store’s performance.

Foko Retail is based on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram and comes with mobile apps for Web, iOS, and Android. It’s very engaging, too, and caters to all kinds of workflows.

2. Vend

For brick-and-mortar retailers, Vend is a great retail management software to test.

Vend is a cloud-based point-of-sale platform that makes it easy for merchants to handle various aspects of their business.

Sales become much simpler with Vend, as does the process of tracking customers and managing inventory.

Vend even provides business owners with options for offering loyalty incentives to frequent customers.

It runs analytics, too, to give you real-time insights into how your store is performing and which areas you need to improve.

3. Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a retail management software designed specifically for high-growth and well-established retailers, wholesalers, and multichannel brands.

Brightpearl is an all-in-one software that hands a variety of tasks, including the following:

  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Accounting
  • Shipping & fulfillment
  • Warehouse management
  • POS
  • CRM
  • Supplier management

Brightpearl comes with a helpful workflow automation feature, too. This feature helps to improve processing efficiency and reduce human error.

4. Springboard Retail

If you’re working on growing your business and need help controlling your sales and monitoring profitability, Springboard Retail is a great tool to use.

This point-of-sale system was designed by retailers for retailers. It provides them with comprehensive solutions to modern problems and is highly flexible, user-friendly, and customizable.

You can use Springboard Retail to handle all kinds of issues, including customer management and inventory management.

5. Retail Edge

Retail Edge is a highly affordable retail management system that works for those who just have one location or several locations they’re trying to manage.

It’s especially helpful to specialty retailers, gift shop owners, and those who run fashion boutiques.

Retail Edge comes with several helpful features, including the following:

  • Inventory management
  • Purchase order management
  • Retail analytics
  • Customer management
  • Returns management

It also makes it easy for retailers to set up a customer loyalty program and come up with fun ways to reward those who frequent their store.

6. Fishbowl

Fishbowl is the best automation platform for those who use QuickBooks to handle their business’s finances.

Fishbowl makes it easy for small and midsize businesses to continue using the QuickBooks platform and its features while also handling other aspects of their business.

Fishbowl can be used in multiple locations and handles a variety of accounting and inventory management features.

It handles issues like part tracking, shipping integration, consignment, manufacturing, and merchant services. It also features a wireless barcoding system for better warehouse management.

7. Omnia Dynamic Pricing

If you’re looking for a great pricing optimization software, Dynamic Pricing from Omnia may be just what you need.

Dynamic Pricing lets retailers take back control over pricing their products. This helps to save time, increase profits, and boost margins.

It utilizes a sophisticated algorithm that sets new and optimized prices for you without you having to do any work.

This algorithm takes several factors into account when setting prices, including Google Analytics data, price elasticity, and even weather forecasts.

8. Teamwork Retail

Teamwork retail is a mobile, cloud-based point-of-sale system that is soon going to become a staple in retailers throughout the world.

It’s accessible absolutely anywhere where there’s an internet connection and it’s fully customizable. Teamwork Retail is scalable, too, so it can work for thousands of different stores.

Teamwork Retail features customer management tools, eCommerce and inventory tools, reporting tools, and more. It’s multi-currency and multi-language, too.

9. SwiftCount

SwiftCount is a great tool to use if your business specifically needs help with inventory management.

SwiftCount is highly affordable, and it comes with a free trial period. It makes it easy for you to keep track of your inventory and alerts you when it’s time to order more product.

SwiftCount can be used at multiple locations and the base pricing model allows for two different users. You can add extra for users for an additional $10 per month per user.

10. AIMsi

AIMsi is great for inventory management, but it also provides many other important resources for retailers. Some of the greatest features AIMsi has to offer include:

  • Accounts payable and general ledger
  • Purchase order management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Billing
  • Contact management capabilities

AIMsi lets you create your own customer retail management software to suit your business’s unique needs. It also integrates with Active-e to provide you with a full eCommerce management solution.

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The right retail management software can make or break your business. But, there’s not just one type of software that works well for all retailers.

As you can see from this list, there are a lot of great retail management programs that you can use to run your business effectively.

Do you know which one you’re going to purchase? Or, would you like to learn more about other types of software that can be helpful to business owners?

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