Want A Mobile App? Tight On Budget? Here’s What You Need to Do

Want A Mobile App? Tight On Budget? Here’s What You Need to Do

Capital is the basic need for every businessman. It does not matter whether you are a small firm or a large firm or even an individual, money is the basic requirement. In the today’s world of technology, mobile apps have become one of the strongest pillars to boost a business.

If you want a mobile app for your business, you can either hire one of the top app developers or contact a reputed app development company. Since most of us are not financially strong, we cannot afford building apps by an app development firm. Here, a question arrives, is it possible to develop a mobile on a low budget? In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to develop a mobile app under a limited budget.

Know your product goals

Before developing a mobile app, it is necessary that you have a complete knowledge of your goals. Doing a research in advance will be beneficial for you. The research is a time taking process, but it will definitely help you. As the research gets completed, you will have the data which covers the following information:

  • Your target audience.
  • Who are your competitors and why customers like your app?
  • Features of your app which makes it unique.
  • On which features you have to work hard in order to make the app favourite of maximum users?
  • Which features you have to provide free of cost and which features you have to charge money?
  • What will be the minimum amount to be set in In-App purchases?

Study the factors that affect the price of app development

There are several factors which influence the cost of development of a mobile app. Hence, you should have the knowledge of such factors. Some of these factors are listed below:

Operating System

The mobile operating system such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. is the first factor to be considered for a mobile app development. The app development cost rises with an increase in the number of supported OS. Hence, developing an app supported by a single OS is more cost-effective than that supported by multiple OS.

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App design

The app design is categorized into two parts: UI and UX. UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. Designing an app with attractive user interface required to invest more money. Hence, just keep the UI of your app simple in case, you have a limited budget plan. You can upgrade the UI of an app later.

App features

App features is another factor which influences the cost of development of a mobile app. The development cost depends on both type of features (simple or complex) and a number of features.


If you want to develop a server-based application, it costs more than that of a normal application.

Additional Costs

There are also some additional costs such as the installation of server-side components, providing cloud services, app maintenance, etc.

Select the right mode of payment for the development of your app

Developing an app through a reputed mobile app development company may costs you much. Some of the app development companies have hidden charges. Hence, it is better to hire a freelance app developer who can develop the app as per your budget. Freelancer app developers work on two types of payment modes, hourly rates and fixed price. Since you have a tight budget, hiring a freelance app developer at fixed price sounds much better.

After setting a fixed rate, it’s time to find a freelance developer. There are many freelancing websites where you can post your requirement along with your budget for that project. You can take an advantage of such sites to develop your app. You can also set the time limit for the completion of the project. Also, some websites let you pay after the completion of your project.

Select your mobile platform

Choose an operating system for your app wisely. If your budget is low, it is good to build an app for a limited device range. Also, keep the supported mobile OS versions limited.

Go for MVP

MVP stands for Minimal Viable Cost. It is an approach in which an app is launched into the market without complete build but with the necessary features. In this approach, developers let users use the app and provide feedback to them. The app is launched with complete features only after the feedback from the users.

Launching an incomplete build of your app has several advantages. Users will provide you feedback on the basis of their requirements. This lets you know which features you have to add to your app and which features are worthless to add.

Avoid hybrid app development

The hybrid apps are cheaper and faster to develop but these apps are to be avoided. Hybrid apps have limited functionality and are quite unstable. Hence, they are not a good choice to promote a business.

Tools to develop a mobile app at low budget

Today, there exist many mobile app development tools using which you can design an app under your budget. Some of these tools are listed below:


PhoneGap is an open source cross-platform app development tool. Using PhoneGap, you can develop applications supported by multiple operating systems. One of the best features of the PhoneGap is its free of cost availability. Moreover, there is no need to learn additional languages. It supports JAVA Script and other libraries which can be used for the development of apps supported on different platforms.

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Branded Business Apps

Branded Business Apps lets developers develop apps at a low cost. The starting cost for app development at Branded Business Apps is approximately 399$. Here, you can develop apps supported by iOS and Android.

Apart from the above-listed tools, there are more tools available for mobile app development at low cost.

Ending Note

By far, you probably get to know how to build a great mobile app as per your usability in low cost. Use these methods to get your own apps and we know surely you will be benefited.