The Intel Security Flaw – a New Threat to Business Networks

The Intel Security Flaw – a New Threat to Business Networks

Another day, another software vulnerability! The exposure of a significant new weakness in Intel’s chips is leading to concerns of another serious corporate hack.

Many companies are still failing to use the correct best-practice techniques to defend their systems from attack. Too many network admins are failing to deploy the correct software for, anti-virus protection and firewalls.

In this article we focus on the issue of outdated systems. We’ll identify the threats that arise when patches are not applied quickly enough. We’ll also look at the risks to stability that come from applying patches without adequate monitoring.

Instead of just presenting you with problems we’ve gone the extra mile and identified a strong, enterprise level solution. BatchPatch is a great patch management tool designed to allow for the deployment of updates right across a network with only a few clicks.

We’ll assess its capabilities later in this article.

Still Doing Things the Old Way?

Even in 2018 there are companies where overworked network administrators still run from one computer to the next applying patches. The process is slow, labor intensive and highly inefficient. On top of the time needed for the downloads and installation there are lengthy reboot cycles to oversee.

This ad-hoc approach to updating systems often leads to human error. One single computer may be missed and that could become the target for a vulnerability based exploit attack.

And always remember that attackers only need one point of weakness to compromise a whole network!

Why Not Just Update Automatically?

Windows updates can simply be deployed automatically but in an enterprise environment this isn’t always a smart solution. The sheer range of devices, systems and software used across a company’s network increases the risk of a patch causing errors.

Most administrators favor a more controlled approach which allows them to push updates selectively to certain machines on their network. In this way the impact can be assessed before risking the most critical systems.

Patch Management as a Solution

The best way to achieve this is to use a patch management tool to control the deployment of updates. The best programs come with a wide-range of functions to allow for monitoring and impact assessment.

There are several products on the market but the stand-out solution is BatchPatch. It’s one of those programs that meets its core requirements and then goes the extra mile. Some of its strongest capabilities include:

  • Collating event logs from remote machines
  • Adding new registry keys
  • Installation of new programs

All of course from 1 central location on the network. Armed with a tool like BatchPatch the smart network administrator hardly needs to leave his/her office. Moving from one computer to another to install updates quickly becomes a thing of the past!

A Great Place to Start…

We’d be lying if we said that the correct application of updates is the only step you need to take for optimum data security.

But we do believe it to be a great first step for any company serious about protecting their networks and data.