Mini PBX for office: how to choose

Mini PBX for office: how to choose

After a while after installing the PBX, you will find that communication costs have decreased noticeably, and your managers’ productivity has increased. Grandstream GXP1625 VoIP Phone is a good sample.


No – it’s just your new mini PBX.

The secret is simple enough – every manager thanks to the office mini PBX will be provided with internal communication, and will not use expensive “city” lines for internal conversations.
Thus, you will provide all employees with telephones and optimize the number of expensive “urban” lines. The main task of the office mini PBX is to provide the office of your company with local communication, and if necessary, provide access to external lines.

Having installed in the office a mini PBX, in addition to the economic effect, you get additional tools for monitoring and organizing labor in the office. At your disposal will be full information about the directions, duration and content of calls with the recording of telephone conversations.
The more features a mini PBX provides, the higher the price.

Some possible mini PBX models for the office for a different number of internal numbers:

Mini PBX with 8 numbers
Mini PBX for 10-20 numbers
Mini PBX with 30-40 numbers
Mini automatic telephone exchange for 50-70 numbers

Telephone stations are produced by different companies, they are distinguished by the number of ports, a set of service functions, the principle of switching (analog or IP), and many other parameters.

To understand this variety will help you specialists of our company.

So, how to choose a PBX?

First of all, it is necessary to determine which telephone exchanges and other communication and other office equipment will have to operate your new mini PBX. Depending on the equipment on the external and internal lines, you can choose: analogue, digital IP or hybrid station.

– The type of the station determines the way the subscriber dials the number – pulse or tone.
– The latter is more modern and allows you to save time considerably.
– There are also hidden reserves to improve the efficiency of your office.
– This is especially true if your managers need to make frequent telephone calls.
– Dialing operation in a tone mode is 10 times faster than a pulse operation!