3 Best Applications Used for Making Movies on Mobile Devices

3 Best Applications Used for Making Movies on Mobile Devices

Don’t we all love those amazing blockbuster movies of Hollywood? They are like a dream!

Do you know that you can also make such movies?

No, you can’t really cast the high-end actors and actresses but you can engage your audience with your hypnotic storytelling skills.Thanks to the onset of development of technology, movie making apps are available for your mobile devices which make your dream of filmmaking come true.

I am going to list the 3 best movie making apps which can be installed on your mobile devices and used to create exciting movies.

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  1. PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost is a video making software that enables you to fuse images and videos into a single frame. With just a tap on the screen, videoswill start to play in a sequential order. It is not like the conventional slide show. The still images will be placeholders in the frame of the video. You can alter the frame style as well as supplement music from iTunes library to play as background music. This software supports only iOS interface.

  1. Andromedia Video Editor

Students can edit video saved on the device or can devise video from the scratch. You can organize your various video clips and even crop a video you made earlier. Are you aware of The “Ken Burns” video technique? You can even adopt the legendary Film Maker’s out-of-the-box techniques of using archival images in the video to implement in your home video.

Put your excellent storytelling abilities to best use with this app. It allows you to record narrations as well as to edit the narration.You can also share your masterpiece on various social media platforms.

  1. iMovie

This app will surely woo you with his amazing features. With this app, you can edit videos you have captured previously with your iPad and iPhone. Do you know you can also make Hollywood style teasers with this app? Who knew it could be possible to make those fancy trailers just on your iPhone? You can choose from the various transitions it offers. If you are a newbie then start from the basic level editing tools and as you gain the knowledge you can dig deeper into the professional features. You can add titles, as well as give a 3D effect to it.

For this amazing movie making software, download iMovie for Windows or Mac and go through a tour about video editing info.